Multipurpose Clubhouse

A well-developed clubhouse is a part of Silver Streams project wherein the kids can play pool, snookers, Table Tennis, billiards and other indoor games.

At the clubhouse's recreation center the adults can try their hand at cards, play chess or carom or have a tete-a-tete over a cup of tea and snacks.

It can be also used as a place for get-together or to arrange a small family function.

A well-equipped gymnasium offering the privilege of spa, steam and sauna is also a part of the multipurpose clubhouse.


Security at the Entry

Grand Entrance Gate with a security cabin ensures complete security of the property and restricts entry of the stranger inside the premises thereby enhancing your personal safety as well.

Designer Entrance Lobby

The entrance lobby is formally designed to make your entry and stay in the lobby comfortable and convenient.



Glorious Gardens

Well-landscaped gardens embellished with decorative flowers and trees calls for a stroll in the evening during the leisurely hours.

Special Treat for the Seniors

A garden for Senior Citizens has been specially developed so that they can enjoy the peace and serenity without any disturbance.



Happy Times for Kids

Children's Play Area is equipped with all the playing equipments so that they the toddlers can enjoy the swing while the older kids can sway with the seesaw.

Healing Health

Acupressure Pathway ensures you heal out completely during your stay in Silver Streams.



Practicing Yoga

Silver Streams offers an especially dedicated lawn for practicing yoga to ensure that you do not lose upon your exercise even during your holidays.

Swim and Splash

Splash and swim in the pools to enjoy the exercise and fun they offer.


Just for Sitting

There is time when you just want to sit and enjoy the passing clouds and swaying trees. The convenient sitting area is simple made keeping this in mind.

Concrete Joining

Internal cement concrete roads ensure easy transition within the project and ensure speedy reach out to any destination.

Green Borders

The complete boundary of Silver Streams have been bordered with the green, tall trees that add more glory to the skyline.