Spacious and Stunning Silver Streams

The lavish studio apartments and the one-bed room flats are spacious and nestled among stunningly enchanting views of the mountains, waterfalls and a wide range of flora and fauna. So, it is just ideal for a regular family visit or even a short break for young couple from their daily routine.
Do you want your parents to enjoy a peaceful holiday yet hesitating to make them travel long distance? Silver Streams is just a perfect place where you can easily check on with them whenever you find time and also can let them enjoy the peace and harmony their age necessitates.
Therefore, be it a short romantic getaway, a peaceful and harmonious healing retreat or a family holiday, Silver Streams is perfectly located and equipped to fulfill all types of desires you can think of when it comes to enjoying an attunement with the nature.What's more, if you have an innate explorer hidden within you, a visit to the world famous Karla and Bhaje caves in the near vicinity can surely be a great idea to satisfy your penchant for exploring old ruins and heritage sites.Spacious and Stunning Silver Streams



Equipped with urbanite privilages

Silver stream is equipped with urbanite privilages to make you feel at home. Check out the details here:
LED TV 32, One AC Fridge, Microwave oven, Kitchen cabinates and Crockery, Sofa cum bed, Double bed, Central table, Wardrobe